Another reason why I think Addison is the perfect man for me

So it was an interesting weekend to say the least, and being discreet as possible, Addison got into tense discussion. (Which of course ended fine as they always do. It doesn’t even matter what it’s about).

But later at church someone mentioned this blog. I made a comment that Addison doesn’t read it, which he responded that yes he did. I asked him how many entries were on it.

His answer: 5

Real answer: 18

We laughed about it. It wasn’t a big deal. But later that night apparently he went through and caught up on all the blogs. He later sent me an instant message quoting one a while back about a pet peeve of mine and how Addison is one of the only people who does not engage in that pet peeve.

He sent me this quote from it:

“That’s why I love Addison. If this is my biggest pet peeve, then he- for all intents and purposes- could be considered perfect. Not once has he given me a reason not to bend over backward for him.”

He then typed, “I guess I gave you a reason not to bend backward for me” — referencing the vague situation mentioned at the beginning of this post.

I told him that once in 3 years is not a bad track record.

Besides, the fact that he went through and read all those posts and owned up to his mistakes really means the world to me. And it’s his sweet heart that is always looking to make things right and to make me happy that helps me realize no matter what happens, what we say or what we do, we can get through anything.

Yup, I have the perfect man alright. Even if I do get frustrated with him every now and then. But hey, no one is perfect. But Addison sure is perfect for me.

I only hope I can be the same.


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