The few sane people

I just wanted to say how I feel like the only sane people in this whole competition are the couples competing. I’ve read some really nasty comments about the third place couple, myself and the main couple right now.

I just wanted to say that I’ve talked to all of them via email, and they are all the nicest people. We even have commonalities. Like Stephen and our faith and Lindsay and I both being journalists.

I know I’ve told my supporters to quit with the slander for other people, because it really is uncalled for. And for the most part, I feel like my guys have been reined in and the negativity has been eliminated. I just wish others would do the same.

So for clarification from my last post, when I said that the haters should get a life…I meant the haters. Not the normal supporters. Not the awesome campaigners. Not the competing couples.

I mean the uncalled for people. Someone told me today that they found some post somewhere saying that Stephen, Katie, Addison and I were selling sex for votes or something like. I didn’t see it myself or no where it’s even posted (I’ve given up on reading such negative things because it really has been hurting my feelings), but why would be say something like that?

At least I can rest assured knowing that it’s not the actual couples competing. You can’t blame someone for having crazies support them. Some of my supporters have told me to post screen shots that they’ve taken of the mean comments to show why the other side should win. But that’s ridiculous, because I know Lindsay and Chris aren’t the ones saying such crazy things. At least I would be surprised. Like in my one post, Lindsay’s email was so nice, so I’d be highly shocked. Actually, I’m 100 percent it’s just people they don’t know rallying for a cause.

So screw the crazies. Bless earnest who are still nice. And above all else, let’s keep it clean people. None of us are bad people. We’re just poor kids in love.


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