Last day to vote and the 5:00 news

Today is finally the last day to vote!

Phew, what an exhausting competition this has been. I have passed out more slips of paper and candy than I know what to do with. Was talking with Katie (from the Steve and Katie couple in the race) and we were comparing it to a marathon. Whatever is meant to be will come from it and I know all the couples have worked like crazy for this. The best couple will definitely win and everyone is deserving, so there really is no losing situation here. Someone is going to walk away with a ring for the person they love. No one can hate on that.

Oh! And while talking with Katie, we figured out another odd and random thing we have in common. Katie’s and my birthdays are in May and Steve’s and Addison’s are in August. Like I said, random. But I always find those kind of coincidences interesting nonetheless.

In other news, for some reason word of mouth finally spread like wild fire in my small town here, which I’m much appreciative of but wish it could have happened maybe a couple of weeks ago. A camera crew is coming to campus today so Addison and I can be on the 5:00 news. I have no idea how they even heard about us, and I’m kind of nervous about it. I’ve never been that great on camera. I tried broadcast journalism once…not a great experience. And that one time I was on a game show… Oh god. I looked terrified the whole time. They started playing the laugh track on overdrive to compensate for my awkwardness.

I’ve never watched this particular newscast before, but their website is

I’m so relieved voting ends today. We find out Friday if we win, but I’m not holding my breath. No sense in getting my hopes too high. But honestly, this contest has done a lot for Addison and I. But more on that later.

Please remember to vote!


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