Wow! Yay 7 degrees of separation

So, I know an oddly large amount of people. Sometimes its frustrating, like when I’m on the phone with my mom while walking outside and every other person chimes in with a, “Hi, Nikki.” But more than not, it’s always a joy and comfort to know that I’ve met so many nice, caring and loving people in a world that really seems to be filled with newspapers of depressing crap all the time.

But my good friend, Dedee, who is a world traveller herself, just informed me that we in fact have gotten a vote from at least one person on each continent (excluding Antartica, of course).

Blew my mind. I mean, my online magazine when it was hot (before the temporary shut-down these past months for renovations) had a readership like that, but I mean…that’s a magazine. Completely different.

She was rattling off people she knew who had voted. Country after country. And then I thought about my own friends. My aunt in Japan has definitely had my back.  There’s also Nunzio in Italy who could be my cugino possibile that I’ve connected with. Of course there is also my other relatives in Germany and the Kamp Kohut counseling staff who range from all over the world.

But wow. The idea just blows my mind. So thanks, world! It doesn’t matter if we win or not. You guys made it more than worth it just reconnecting with all of you and realizing how connected the world really is.

But please vote! Voting ends today at midnight PST!


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