What this contest has meant to me

Simon G. Jewelry emailed all the couples last night asking for some more pictures and to give statements on two things. One was on what the contest meant to me.

I swear, I just sat there, staring at the screen for so long before submitting. It wasn’t because I didn’t know what to say, but because I knew if I unleashed the beast, a whole novel would come out. Really, this contest has meant the world to me.

So even though I did submit a shorter response (although, I must confess, it probably was a little too long), I figured I’d share with you what this contest really meant to me.

To be honest, this has been the crappiest semester I’ve ever had. Without giving too much detail, I was involved in a semi-traumatic situation that landed me in hiding for two weeks and a couple rounds of therapy at school. I’m the upbeat one (Heck, got “Most Optimistic” in high school), so most people didn’t realize how much what happened actually bothered me except Addison.

Yes, everything ended up “fine” and no, I will not be taking questions. But this is important because, honestly, I have an obsessive personality. That’s why I think I was able to get two internships in a row (If something’s on my mind, that’s all I do). Well, this competition was the first thing to take my mind off of what had happened over two months ago. It was the first thing to get the word of mouth to change from “Did you hear what happened to Nikki?” to “Have you voted for Nikki and Addison?”

Now, don’t worry. The second this contest is over, I’m not going to revert back to my mopey, terrified stage as before. Honestly, this contest helped me get over it. And for that, I will always be thankful.

Secondly, I had always been pretty bummed that I’ve only met Addison’s parents once in the time we’ve been dating, especially since I know how much they mean to him. At times, I wondered if it was because they just didn’t like me (although, Addison assured me over and over that they did). I feel like this competition really brought me closer with his mother who has been one of our biggest campaigners ever over Facebook. I mean, it was because of this contest that I started this blog and because of this blog, I got the sweetest email from her saying she was reading it and that she loved me. I was always worried about how they would take the news about us wanting to get married, and this contest really helped us all get used to the idea, I think. If anything, the contest is a win because of this fact alone. I really can’t wait to see his parents again!

And of course, there was the time where Nathan Fillion retweeted about the competition…. I swear, Addison nearly wet himself over the news. Come on guys….I’m not gonna lie. Win or lose, we have one heck of a story to tell the grandchildren. And Firefly Fans, we’ll honor Joss Whedon with baby named after something Firefly no matter what!

But an another unexpected gift I’ve gotten from this contest has been the friends. Stefan from round one has been a great email buddy and has really had our back on this competition. Bryan, also from round one, really encouraged me whenever I really felt like we were fighting a losing battle and also campaigned for us like it was himself and Kathleen still in the competition. These were random strangers who didn’t have to reach out to me, help us campaign, or even try to get to know me. But man, I’m sure glad they did because I’ve got to say, people– they are pretty awesome dudes.

Katie and Steve too, who have been sharing the stresses of this final round with Addison and me, are probably the coolest couple I’ve ever met online (does that sound weird). I swear though, I bet we all would have been friends if we had met in person. The similarities seem to be endless (Hey, Stephen, did I mention I’m a senior still living in a dorm too? You’re cooler though because you’re the RA). Katie and I’ve been emailing back and forth just about engagements and color schemes. It’s really just been nice to actually know you can compete with someone without having bitterness or mean things said. I’m really blessed to have gotten to know them, and I really hope that they actually win because I swear, there’s not a more deserving couple than those two.

Though at the same time, anyone in the finals deserves to win. I mean, we’re just all a couple kids in a love, right? You can’t label who deserves something like a ring to be able to marry the one you love more than another person just trying to do the same thing. So honestly, to whoever wins…congrats!

So to be honest, this competition has given both me and Addison a lot. At least to me personally, I’ve gotten more out of this stressful two month competition than I could ever have imagined. And I’m not going to lie, if we don’t win, I’m not going to be devastated. We’ve already gotten so much from it, how could I be disappointed?

So, Thank you, Simon G. Jewelry. It’s been a fun run and you’ve given me more than a ring ever could!

We find out today…..so stay tuned!!!!!!!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tara
    Dec 01, 2010 @ 12:48:09

    You are such a wonderful and beautiful person! I hope you win because you deserve something easy in life :). Keep smiling, lovely!


  2. Bryan Baker
    Dec 01, 2010 @ 21:50:52

    This competition has meant a lot to me and Kathleen too. Although we didn’t make it as far, we were able to see just how many people supported us being together, whether we had a $10,000 ring or a $1000 ring.

    To have gained friends that we didn’t even know who had our back when the competition was its fiercest, was a gift come true.

    Nikki and Addison- You guys deserve this. There have been a lot of emotions and hard work put into this contest, and in the end you came out on top 🙂

    Nikki- I am glad that you didn’t give up. I guess now you can really apply this to your Appalachian State field goal… 😉 Just because the game is tough, doesn’t mean giving up before its over is the best option.

    Addison- We haven’t gotten a chance to talk yet dude, but Congrats 🙂 Think of all the stuff you can pay off now with the savings of your “ring jar”! 🙂

    Congratulations to both of you. You deserve it so much and it was an absolute pleasure helping.

    Please take care and send pictures 😉

    Bryan and Kathleen, Whitmore Lake MI (The eHarmony couple)


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