Plans fall apart

So…Addison and I had been trying to plan for him to come to Florida for New Years for months. The plan was for him to spend some time with my family, meet my mom’s mom finally and also ask my dad’s permission for… well…you know. 😉

I know! Exciting stuff, right?

Well it didn’t happen. The day before he was supposed to leave, he took his car in for a check up and…well apparently his car was a “death trap.” And the best part? It was costing him a pretty penny.

Major bummer. I was pretty disappointed. We both were. But it wasn’t the end of the world. To be honest, I’m just glad he got his car checked before making the 12 hour drive from his hometown to Florida. If it really was that big of a problem, something really bad could have happened to him and I’d be a bazillion times more devastated than anything I was feeling about being bummed he couldn’t come for New Years.

So from that perspective. I am very happy our plans fell through. It’s better to have an alive Addison in the end.

But still, it was a bummer. Haven’t had a New Years kiss from my man since we started dating. Oh well, maybe next year. (and as FIANCES!)

Well…I’m assuming at least. Addison mentioned waiting to ask for my dad’s permission in person, which means sometime around February when my parents come up to Boone for my mom’s birthday.

So the wait ensues. But right now, I’m just excited to get back to the mountains and see my man.


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