Addison has a word to describe when one of us is being cute/sweet: Adorkable.

Definition: 1) When adorableness crosses the line to dorky. 2) When something is so dorky it’s adorable. 3) Our relationship

Yesterday Addison and I were supposed to make the trek down the mountain to pick up our Simon G. Ring. We were making a date out of it since Olive Garden is in Hickory. We were really excited. I know I was at least. We had been planning to pick up the ring on this day for a while.

Well…plans change. I’ve been moving into my new apartment all this week which first started late because of the whole ordeal around New Years. Then it just seemed things could not work out or that there was just too much to do to get the apartment ready. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. I’m very thrilled with my apartment, but it has gone slowly…especially with classes starting. Then a blizzard hit and well, by the time Friday came, I was just so stressed out about getting my apartment together finally that I could hardly wait to just go on my awesome date with Addison.

But  I had a few more errands for the apartment that Addison so sweetly has been helping me with. The main one? Internet. If we didn’t get it hooked up on Friday, we’d have to wait until next Friday because how our schedules worked out. Here we were…trying to fight the clock so we could make it to Hickory in time to pick up our ring, and we had a list of errands. First, Charter said because of a mistake the former tenant of my apartment made, I had to go back to my landlord and get paperwork. That lost us a good chunk of time. Then I really wanted a shower, but when I got home, repairmen were standing in my tub. No biggie. I can go without a shower.

Then it hit me. I couldn’t find my make-up. And I don’t know what it was, but for some reason, that tiny thing was the last straw. All the set-backs. All the stress. I just broke down.

So Addison, who is always the wise one, decided it would be better for us to finish our list of errands than to rush and be stressed and get the ring. We’re now getting it Monday. Yes, reasonable and for the best, but man did it break my heart not to get to follow through with our plans. So there I sat, pitifully on the couch, not wanting to move.

And here is where my dorky love comes in. Instead of doing option A or B that most guys take in this scenario: A) “Aw, baby, it’ll be okay.” or B) “Get up and get over it,” He did his approach.

I was going to a masquerade ball later that night, and seeing my black mask lying on a bookshelf, he put it on and grabbed a blanket.

“Get in the blanket.”


He smiled. “I’m kidnapping you. Get in the blanket.”

I didn’t understand how one could get in a blanket, so when I didn’t budge, Addison threw the entire thing on top of me and picked me up….like a bandit with a looting sack. I always knew Addison watched too many cartoons, but that’s why I love him. I was kicking and screaming and laughing until he finally put me down, let me go, and kissed my forehead.

This is why I love Addison- my adorkable dork. Who thinks of those things? He always seems to know what I need…even if it’s something strange like “kidnapping” me in a blanket.

Later that night we got all spiffied up in my little black dress and he in a dress shirt and went to Taco Bell. Yup, he’s the man of dreams…regardless of whether or not our plans always got the way we want or not. Even though I can’t count on plans, I can always count on him.


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