Non-serious wedding dress shopping

Now, I’m not even technically engaged yet but good friend and future bridesmaid DeDee decided that it would be fun to look at dresses one day when we had around an hour before picking up some girlfriends for a wine tasting. We mainly checked out the discount/discontinued dress area for fun…. you know…the dresses that aren’t too expensive to touch lol. Besides, we weren’t actually looking for THE dress. Not yet anyway.

Well, I told DeDee that while I picked out a pretty dress, she could pick out an ugly dress for me to try on. I mean, why not? All in good fun, right?

Never ever give DeDee a challenge, people. She will ALWAYS rise to the occasion. She put me in the ugliest, creamiest colored, long-sleeved lace 80s dress I’ve ever seen. The train covered practically the whole store’s floor. Of course just then the consultant walked up and stopped dead in her tracks.

Needless to say, I looked like a fat Princess Diana. I looked huge and fluffy. Now not only do I know I don’t want a poofy dress with a cathedral train, I also know that I want to lose some poundage before the big day.

But it was a fun experience nonetheless. Can’t wait for the real go with my mama.


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