Songs that make me think of you

I remember having a conversation with my dad years ago about how I thought it was weird that my high school boyfriend at the time and I had our song actually be a Christian song that reminded us of each other. I thought it was weird because…well it’s not actually a love song per say, but rather a love song to God. My dad said it really wasn’t that weird and that sometimes he’d hear Christian songs that reminded him of mom too. Some songs are just love songs no matter which way you look at it.

Well, heard this in the car with Addison today and I’ve always loved this song. Tonight though, it really reminded me of how I felt about Addison. Only thing is it mentions Jesus at the end, but hey– Jesus is a big part of our relationship anyway, right?

I guess the reason I always thought it was weird, was because I think for some people, they have a hard time not putting their significant other in front of God in their relationships. If that’s the case, then having a God song as your song is wrong. But we don’t have that problem. Jesus is numero uno. I’d say Sorry, Addison but I know it’s the same for him to. In fact his priorities he says are:

1) God
2) Family
3) Friends
4) Baseball

I have me a good man.

Here it is. Thought I’d share. I’d love to hear your thoughts about songs.


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