The return of the blogger!

Hey all, it’s been a while! A LOT has been happening and per request of my lovely parents, some of the wedding details will be kept secret (however if you ever want to meet up for coffee and just chat, I’ll totally share!)

But some details I CAN share so I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about starting a couple of DIY projects since there’s so much time before the wedding. I may be taking a little too much on, but after discover and their affordable silk flowers, I feel really empowered to tackle some ideas I’ve had.

Plus I made a new crafty friend in the town I moved to who is full of ideas and willing to help. 🙂

I just placed an order for some silk flowers to see what the quality is like. But I’m super excited because if it’s good, this order alone will

have enough flowers for my Bridesmaid bouqets. I got 60 yellow lilies in 10 separate bundl


es for 20 bucks. Isn’t that crazy?

I also bought a cream colored rose garland to bring with me when I visit NC in October to test on my venue, just to see if I can do what I’m picturing. My plan is to add butterflies on the garland and use it to decorate the railings at the site.

48 feet of garland was even cheaper than the lilies and according to the math I’ve done, if I did the walkway myself with this plan, it would be significantly cheaper than the decorator offered to do it. I’m all for saving money.

Then my next big project is to make centerpieces that can hold cupcakes. My friend and mom came up with a great way to do it and if my sample goes well, I think we may actually go for it. So far for the centerpiece I’ve spent 6 dollars for 10!!!! Not 6 dollars a piece, but 6 dollars for 10! Crazy right? I still need to add flowers and maybe minor sprucing up, but even so, it’ll be super cheap to pull off.

But that’s a post for another day. Anywho, what do you guys think about DIY projects? Anyone else do them at their wedding?


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