It’s been awhile. It’s my own fault, I know. The truth is, I haven’t be writing. At all….and by at all I mean all my writing is being channeled toward my new job which is not quite journalism but still a pretty awesome job I feel blessed to have. And I did land a super amazing gig with Engagement 101 magazine and that I am on cloud 9 about. Seriously, people. It’s a dream come true. Plus the money from that is paying for practically our entire honeymoon (which will be most likely in Canada just FYI).

But I haven’t been blogging on any of my blogs or even privately journaling– though every second of every day is seriously just one big narrative in my head that I can’t wait to write down. Sometimes I even write the blog, but never click publish, so there’s a backlog of thoughts. So then why don’t I? I convinced myself it was because I’m still “adjusting” to moving here away from all my friends, getting used to living with my parents again (although SUPER temporary), and juggling Addi’s and my completely conflicting schedules. It’s just been tough and I don’t like sounding like a negative Nelly, I guess. There are enough people being emo on blogs out there. I don’t need to be one too.

But I’m done adjusting. I need to do what I love and what I love to do is not sitting around waiting for life to start back up again. I need to write again, even if that means I say too much about whatever. At one point I was advised not to write about our wedding anymore online, but what fun is that? At another point we were thinking about eloping or having a very intimate ceremony with just us and our parents. Wedding planning is just confusing… so it probably would do me some good to write about it here rather than spontaneously combust over piles and piles of wedding magazines, vendor contracts and emails.

I’m going to be testing out another diet for SELF magazine again supposedly. Should start this week if it does happen. So that’s a good kick in the pants I need. Plus I’ve made a handful of friends here that I’m growing to love more and more everyday.

No more waiting. No more blahing. I’m too bubbly to chill out like a normal adult. I tried. It’s lame. I know I’m not in college anymore, but I’m still going to put myself out there so I can discover new things.

Would love suggestions if you have any. At the top of my list is becoming an Olympic ice curling champion, but that may take years to cultivate my greatness.


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