Love is Blind part II

So…you guys know my track record for saying Addison looks like famous people, or fictional characters…or lego men (DO NOT JUDGE ME). But get this! Other people say it too. See, Addison. It’s not just me! (Shh…he secretly hates it…and by secretly I mean he says, “I hate it.” But it’s only cuz you’re so pretty!).

Well, since distribution of my favorite engagement photo (Addison’s least favorite), I’ve heard some interesting ones. My dad thinks he looks like a guy from an old western. (Can’t remember the actor’s name). I just like the photo because I think he looks like a movie star in it.

The other day someone who doesn’t know us too well commented briefly that he thought Addison looks like he could be Ryan Reynold’s brother. That is one I’ve never even thought of myself! (I’m losing my touch). I told Addison, who of course had no idea who Ryan Reynolds was (knife in the heart, babe. Get with the times). He then asked his roommates who the actor was, they obviously knew because they’re awesome and then nearly died choking on their dinner when he said that someone told me he looked related.

Harsh, roomies. Harsh.

So judge for yourself. Do you think Addison looks related to this adorable famous person?

(I think lego man is still my favorite).


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