I wasn’t having the best of days yesterday. I threw on some sweat pants and an old camp counselor sweatshirt and headed to my 8 a.m. class exhausted. What made it worse was halfway during work (which is immediately after 3 morning classes), I realized my carrots had wilted in my lunchbox. If you didn’t know, I’m currently a blogger for HerCampus.com and SELF magazine’s “Lose the Freshman 15” program and without my snack, I was short on calories for the day. Aka. By the time I got home…I was dying and half asleep.

So as I made my Kashi frozen dinner, I called my mom around 5:00. But mid-convo I had another call come through. DeDee, who doesn’t usually call at this time, was on the other end with what sounded like incoherent sobs. All I could make out was that she wanted to stop by, so I immediately ended the convo with my mom and started picking up around my apartment.

But… she happily came to the door– nothing wrong with her at all– and smiled while handing me a clue:

“Where is the absolute first place you go when going on a road trip with Addison.”

I just looked at her. “DeDee…I have no idea what this means. I’m hungry and lightheaded.”

My initial thought was the bathroom (which Clayton agreed with me!), but it turns out it was the car. DUH. And Oh! His keys were magically on my counter.

“You might want to change,” DeDee said. She recommended a dress. I knew something special was happening (thanks for helping me not get engaged in a sweat suit, DeDee!).

We went to the car which had another clue which prompted me to to go to his house to look for the clue behind his Link  shield which he keeps mounted on his wall (from Ocarina of time). The next clue told me to go to the game room where we first met, but being tired and hungry, I didn’t want to drive.

Luckily, his roommate volunteered (or so I thought) and he drove me to the Student Union where I found the next clue stuck to a dart board with a dart. Now…this clue I totally didn’t understand.

“I’m in need of a good scratch, but I don’t itch. When you find me, you can’t scratch me.”

Huh? So I called up DeDee because I figured she had some doing with this and begged for some help. Eventually she helped me realize that it was referring to scratch off tickets (which Addison won’t let me buy lol). She suggested that Shinners (the roommate who drove me) knew where to get a good one.

So we drove to Hess where I went into the gas station where my friend actually was working (fun fact: He wasn’t in on it at all. It was a coincidence entirely!) and he and his coworker both said in unison, “Ask your driver. But don’t scratch it.”

SO I asked Shinners. Yup, in on it the whole time. He pulled out the clue with a scratch off ticker from his glove compartment.  This clue said:

“If Boone had a Hollywood sign, it would go here.”

I thought I knew exactly where that was, but before I could ask Shinners to take me there, Clayton runs out of the gas station shouting, “Out of the car, Nikki! You’re coming with me!”

So we got into his big truck and he drove me up the mountain where lo’ and behold. ANOTHER CLUE! Now, this clue was extra exciting:

“Ok…it’s time to get serious. Where would your perfect engagement take place?”

THE GAZEBO ON RIVER STREET! So we hurried along only to find— Clayton’s girlfriend and my friend Megan. Talk about let down (sorry, Megan!)

Her clue confused me too. At this point, my tummy was really rumbling so my cognitive skills were not entirely up to par:

“Tomato, Minestrone, chicken noodle + Michael Scott.”

Huh? They weren’t going to help me this time and I had to guess for myself. I thought maybe I had to go to my brother’s house since his name is Michael Scott and he makes Italian food.

Wrong. Luckily they helped me out when I wanted to go there. Turns out it was a re-bus to mean: Soup– Office. Ah-HA! The Supervisor’s office in the student union.

Yup, taped to the supervisor’s office door. This clue really threw me through a loop. It basically told me to go to the sex shop in Boone?!?!

Yeah…this had to be someone else’s idea. Addison won’t even look at that place when h e drives by it. Maybe they were trying to throw me off? Megan sure was trying to throw me off saying that the end wasn’t what I was expecting and she was going to laugh. I figured she was right. Shouldn’t get my hopes up, after all, he already faked me out once.

So Megan drove me to Night Secrets and there we found the happiest, beaming cashier lady ever. She hands me a clue and says, “You’re a lucky lady! Congratulations!”

I smiled. Immediately Megan says, “Congratulations for what? Getting the clue right?” At this point, the cover was definitely blown.

The clue was “Where did we go for our first fancy date. Hint: Meow, Meow, Meow. HOT!

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof! We saw the play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof! Time to go Farthing Auditorium, but Megan refused to take me. Then we turned a corner and there was Kyle! (Another one of Addison’s roommates and a good friend of mine). He happily drove me to Farthing but as we’re driving down Rivers St., I turn and notice Addison sitting in the Gazebo!!! Turns out, he thought we were in front of him and DeDee, but they were actually in front of us!

We go to Farthing and at the box office is another clue: “You know Charles Wilkes? You haven’t seen him in a while. How about a quick trip?”

DeDee pulled up behind Kyle (turns out my brother was supposed to be the last driver but couldn’t make it at the last minute) and she was like “Hey! Where you headed?”

And I was like, “DeDee! I left my phone at home so I don’t have Charles’ number!”

“That’s okay! We’re BFFs and I’m going there anyway to pick some stuff up.”


Charles is my brother’s old roommate who also works at the student union with Addison and me. He actually moved into Addison’s old apartment— where we had our first kiss.

Charles happily gave me the clue. It said something like: “Remember that perfect proposal spot? I think you may have forgotten something back there…”

So DeDee drops me off at the gazebo on Rivers Street— and there he is. Addison was sitting there with a long stem red rose. He gave me the rose and said, “I just wanted a unique way of asking you to dinner.”

…..Wait. What?

And then he goes on and on about how for the past three years we’ve made so many memories and how he just wanted to remind me of some of the places that were special to us—- the game room for where we met, the top of the mountain for where we sit at night to watch Boone light up while eating fast food (I asked him about the sex shop and he said it was definitely not his idea. It was a ploy someone suggested to throw me off (don’t worry mom!)).

Honestly, I don’t remember too much about his speech because I was getting freaking excited. I do remember one part though because I interrupted him.

“And I just can’t grow old with you.”
“Wait….what??” I stopped him.
“You can’t grow old with me?”
“OH! OH! I can’t WAIT to grow old with you. WAIT WAIT!”

Lol. That’s my man.

Finally he was like, “Actually…this is more than just dinner. I have a question to ask you.”

And he got down on one knee and asked.

I honestly couldn’t say anything except nod like a fool. Finally I just kissed him and then was able to mutter, “YES!” Just then, I heard cheering behind us. Some of our friends who were involved were behind us….including our photography major friend Nikki LaFaille who happened to take pictures during the whole thing.

I loved everything about my proposal and I love how Addison (w/ DeDee’s awesome coordinating help) got all our friends involved because honestly, our friends mean the world to us and without them, we would have never even won our ring. Like Addison said, our friends really do mean a lot to us in our relationship. We’re so thankful everyone of you guys!

I’m still on cloud nine and really exhausted still! Can  hardly sleep! But I am sooooo thankful to Simon G. Jewelry for helping us with our Perfect Proposal. AND I am so stoked to be the Future Mrs. Miller!

YAY Steve and Katie!

The holiday season really is the most wonderful time of the year– especially for engagements! I’m pleased to say that our new friends and close competitors, Steve and Katie are officially engaged!

For those of you who don’t remember (and I doubt any of you could forget), this lovely couple was in the top three with us for the last month of the Simon G. Jewelry competition.

Seriously, they are the sweetest people I’ve ever competed against.  And there definitely needs to be more people in the world like these guys. I really think the competition would have been way more stressful if it wasn’t for them. They deserve all the happiness in the world and more.

Also Steve’s starting his new job as a youth pastor this week. What a great start to the New Year!

Steve and Katie, I really hope God blesses you guys more than you could ever dream. And I hope you feel like you do in this moment forever! Congrats!!!!

Congratulations Bryan and Kathleen!

AH! Okay…I know I’m a little late on this, but I definitely have to mention these lovely people.

Bryan and Kathleen (oh come on, you remember them!) GOT ENGAGED! And in probably one of the most romantic ways I’ve ever heard of too! I’m so happy for you guys! Congrats!

So apparently the two love birds went on a vacation to the Poconos where they rode in a horse drawn carriage (totally, jealous BTW. Always wanted to). The carriage was their vehicle in search of a treasure chest which Kathleen found. To her surprise. It was filled with….all of this! A note, rose, champagne for two and, of course, an incredibly beautiful diamond ring.

What a romantic proposal! Yes. 1000 points, Bryan. You win future husband of the year award.

Congrats you two! I hope you both have the happiest and longest life together!

Oh the Christmas spirit!

My mom got a Christmas card in the mail today from an old friend of hers saying how they voted for us. Made my day! I keep hearing about how a bunch of different people I had no idea even knew about our competition that voted for us.

Thank you everyone! I still can’t believe it. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

Though, I’m sorry to say cookies will be delayed. I’m on the poor end at the moment and there was a lot of you. Apparently over 17,000 of you. Luckily only around 50 of you sent m your addresses at the cookie request. I’ll do my best…!

But just so you know (cuz people keep asking), we do not have the ring yet. Addison is now the contact person for it so I can be somewhat surprised. He said we won’t be getting it until after the new year. But that’s perfect since I don’t think he was planning on proposing quite yet anyway.

But when he does…trust me. I’ll keep you posted!

Happy to help

Well, I don’t want to say too much because I’m not sure how much Steve wants to surprise Katie. But we were able to help out in some way so they could get a ring too. I’m so very excited that Addison and I get to help out!!

A lot of people keep asking me why we didn’t just keep the whole prize. And I’m not going to lie, having $5,000 would be fabulous. Heck, I’d rent a photobooth or something cool for the wedding reception.

But when you win something, it’s not like it’s yours. At least that’s how I feel. I wouldn’t have had the money if I didn’t win, so why act like I need it all? We definitely don’t.

We know what it’s like to be seniors in college. It’s hard not having much money when you want to give someone the world. So, I guess the real reason is, if we were in the same position, I guess I’d just hope someone would be willing to do the same for us.

Plus, Steve and Katie are just downright good people. I wish them the best!

Just logged onto TheKnot.com…

So…I was minding my own business checking out one of my all time favorite website, The Knot, and BAM! I saw my face in three different places! Top banner, side ad, and footer banner.

Nearly died. Not something you expect to see everyday!

A friend of mine had mentioned she saw something on the site, but I thought she just meant like the original smaller ad they ran of all three couples during the contest. Wow, was I surprised! Check it out!

Lover of Simon G. Ads

As some of you know (or have read in this blog), I found the competition while looking up Simon G. ads from magazines to do a project on for school. I don’t know what it is, but they’ve always been the ads I stop and actually read.

Well, to keep me awake while I wait for a confirmation IM that Addison made it back after driving hours upon hours through the snow, I’ve been distracting myself with some photoshop fun and have turned my ring that I will be getting soon into a Simon G. ad.

Yes…I know…I’m weird. But hey, it did it’s job and kept me awake! He is officially back at his apartment safe and sound!

If you can’t read the caption tag, it says “It makes the perfect proposal.”

Free Pool for everyone!

The only reason I know today wasn’t a dream was because I’m too exhausted from work and school to be asleep. But wow…what a crazy day. I got the news while at work today in the pool hall I’m the manager for. But sadly… no, I wasn’t able to give everyone free pool. But after I heard the news, some guys came in, and I decided to give them free pool. It was a slow day at work…

I really didn’t expect much going into today. I had basically come to terms with the fact that we had lost and was starting to talk about rings with Addison that we found on Overstock.com. Heck, I was even starting to think about what I would write in my “Congrats to so-and-so” blog post today. My morning was definitely made brighter by a message from Steve saying that in his email to Simon G. Jewelry that we all had to send last night with more pictures of ourselves, apparently he told them we should win. Seriously, Stephen, I don’t even know what to say. You definitely did not have to do that for us. But thank you for thinking of us! You really are one of the nicest guys and competitors ever!

Now, I just have to figure out how to host a pizza party for his dorm that he RAs from thousands of miles away. But mark my words: It will happen. I can’t wait to tell my own dorm! The RD sent out a notice a while back asking for votes, and girls kept asking me how things were going when we passed each other in the hallway. Thanks, White Hall!

I can’t wait to start blogging about wedding planning. I have a couple friends who are already pros at it. I’ll have to ask them for some pointers. I just can’t believe it! Now I just have to wait for Addi to propose!




Wow. I’m speechless. When I wrote my post this morning, it was my “Well this was fun, but I’m not expecting anything” post that I wanted to get off my chest. I’m really just…well I don’t know what to think! I’m so happy! My facebook is seriously blowing up right now and I have a project due in 30 minutes and AH! I just don’t know what to say!

I really wish everyone got rings though. I really really do. Maybe when we find out more info about our gift card we’ll try to do something like the proposal I pitched a while ago. I definitely am doing something for Steve and Katie though who got their entire dorm to vote for us. Man, thank you guys. I don’t deserve friends like you. I’m glad we met through this competition.

But I do want to say one thing, I really am hesitant too because I feel like my pleas have been falling on deaf ears. But really…guys…STOP BEING MEAN TO STRANGERS. You don’t know any of these other couples. Some of you don’t even know me. And you know, you can say anything you want about me, but I really hate seeing people saying they’re “defending” or “supporting” or whatever BS they are saying and then trash talking other people. You are no friend of mine for that kind of behavior. But really, if I find out which one of my “supporters” has been terrorizing people, I’m going to be pissed.

But stepping off my soap box, thank you to everyone who voted for us! And Firefly people, we’ll let you know what we decide soon (though we can promise when we’ll actually have the kid.” Thanks for really rallying together.

I honestly didn’t think we would win. I’m completely shocked. I have a huge bag of candy left over because I just stopped passing things out. We really don’t deserve this more than any of the other couples. They all deserve the best.

So thank you again to everyone who helped and to Lindsay & Chris and Steve & Katie, thank you guys for being great through all of this. I know we’ve seen some crazies be..well…crazy. But I’m glad none of the crazy people were you guys. You have been super sweet and awesome the whole time. I wish you all the best!

What this contest has meant to me

Simon G. Jewelry emailed all the couples last night asking for some more pictures and to give statements on two things. One was on what the contest meant to me.

I swear, I just sat there, staring at the screen for so long before submitting. It wasn’t because I didn’t know what to say, but because I knew if I unleashed the beast, a whole novel would come out. Really, this contest has meant the world to me.

So even though I did submit a shorter response (although, I must confess, it probably was a little too long), I figured I’d share with you what this contest really meant to me.

To be honest, this has been the crappiest semester I’ve ever had. Without giving too much detail, I was involved in a semi-traumatic situation that landed me in hiding for two weeks and a couple rounds of therapy at school. I’m the upbeat one (Heck, got “Most Optimistic” in high school), so most people didn’t realize how much what happened actually bothered me except Addison.

Yes, everything ended up “fine” and no, I will not be taking questions. But this is important because, honestly, I have an obsessive personality. That’s why I think I was able to get two internships in a row (If something’s on my mind, that’s all I do). Well, this competition was the first thing to take my mind off of what had happened over two months ago. It was the first thing to get the word of mouth to change from “Did you hear what happened to Nikki?” to “Have you voted for Nikki and Addison?”

Now, don’t worry. The second this contest is over, I’m not going to revert back to my mopey, terrified stage as before. Honestly, this contest helped me get over it. And for that, I will always be thankful.

Secondly, I had always been pretty bummed that I’ve only met Addison’s parents once in the time we’ve been dating, especially since I know how much they mean to him. At times, I wondered if it was because they just didn’t like me (although, Addison assured me over and over that they did). I feel like this competition really brought me closer with his mother who has been one of our biggest campaigners ever over Facebook. I mean, it was because of this contest that I started this blog and because of this blog, I got the sweetest email from her saying she was reading it and that she loved me. I was always worried about how they would take the news about us wanting to get married, and this contest really helped us all get used to the idea, I think. If anything, the contest is a win because of this fact alone. I really can’t wait to see his parents again!

And of course, there was the time where Nathan Fillion retweeted about the competition…. I swear, Addison nearly wet himself over the news. Come on guys….I’m not gonna lie. Win or lose, we have one heck of a story to tell the grandchildren. And Firefly Fans, we’ll honor Joss Whedon with baby named after something Firefly no matter what!

But an another unexpected gift I’ve gotten from this contest has been the friends. Stefan from round one has been a great email buddy and has really had our back on this competition. Bryan, also from round one, really encouraged me whenever I really felt like we were fighting a losing battle and also campaigned for us like it was himself and Kathleen still in the competition. These were random strangers who didn’t have to reach out to me, help us campaign, or even try to get to know me. But man, I’m sure glad they did because I’ve got to say, people– they are pretty awesome dudes.

Katie and Steve too, who have been sharing the stresses of this final round with Addison and me, are probably the coolest couple I’ve ever met online (does that sound weird). I swear though, I bet we all would have been friends if we had met in person. The similarities seem to be endless (Hey, Stephen, did I mention I’m a senior still living in a dorm too? You’re cooler though because you’re the RA). Katie and I’ve been emailing back and forth just about engagements and color schemes. It’s really just been nice to actually know you can compete with someone without having bitterness or mean things said. I’m really blessed to have gotten to know them, and I really hope that they actually win because I swear, there’s not a more deserving couple than those two.

Though at the same time, anyone in the finals deserves to win. I mean, we’re just all a couple kids in a love, right? You can’t label who deserves something like a ring to be able to marry the one you love more than another person just trying to do the same thing. So honestly, to whoever wins…congrats!

So to be honest, this competition has given both me and Addison a lot. At least to me personally, I’ve gotten more out of this stressful two month competition than I could ever have imagined. And I’m not going to lie, if we don’t win, I’m not going to be devastated. We’ve already gotten so much from it, how could I be disappointed?

So, Thank you, Simon G. Jewelry. It’s been a fun run and you’ve given me more than a ring ever could!

We find out today…..so stay tuned!!!!!!!!

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