Unsolicited advice

Don’t take this the wrong way. I love unsolicited advice. Most days. It makes me feel special in a way like… you care so much that you just have to tell me some random thing that you think will benefit my life in some way. Seriously. Thanks. I appreciate the thoughtfulness. I don’t mean that to sound sarcastic. I think it’s sweet.

But just so you can understand my twilight zone life, I’ve compiled a list of the most common pieces of advice I’ve gotten over the past two months or so by people who are super duper thrilled about our engagement.

  • Elope
  • Don’t elope
  • Have sex soon so your wedding night doesn’t suck
  • DO NOT HAVE SEX before you wedding
  • Are you on birth control? Get on it asap so you don’t get super fat before the wedding
  • Whatever you do, don’t take birth control! The rhythm method is fine
  • Whatever you do, DO NOT do the rhythm method. My friend just got pregnant
  • You better not get pregnant on your honeymoon
  • You guys should try to get pregnant on your honeymoon
Welp, I’m not confused at all. But seriously, does anyone have any advice on the cake or something? Cake is awesome. And not awkward. And not unsolicited now since I’m asking. Thanks!
(I’m serious about the cake thing. So lost on flavors. It took Addison a month to decide what flavor and filling we wanted to try at our baker’s tasting. P.S. We totally got the baker who does the cake in the picture posted in an earlier post. We’re getting that same cake (just smaller) plus cupcakes! WHOOOO!)

Love is Blind part II

So…you guys know my track record for saying Addison looks like famous people, or fictional characters…or lego men (DO NOT JUDGE ME). But get this! Other people say it too. See, Addison. It’s not just me! (Shh…he secretly hates it…and by secretly I mean he says, “I hate it.” But it’s only cuz you’re so pretty!).

Well, since distribution of my favorite engagement photo (Addison’s least favorite), I’ve heard some interesting ones. My dad thinks he looks like a guy from an old western. (Can’t remember the actor’s name). I just like the photo because I think he looks like a movie star in it.

The other day someone who doesn’t know us too well commented briefly that he thought Addison looks like he could be Ryan Reynold’s brother. That is one I’ve never even thought of myself! (I’m losing my touch). I told Addison, who of course had no idea who Ryan Reynolds was (knife in the heart, babe. Get with the times). He then asked his roommates who the actor was, they obviously knew because they’re awesome and then nearly died choking on their dinner when he said that someone told me he looked related.

Harsh, roomies. Harsh.

So judge for yourself. Do you think Addison looks related to this adorable famous person?

(I think lego man is still my favorite).


It’s been awhile. It’s my own fault, I know. The truth is, I haven’t be writing. At all….and by at all I mean all my writing is being channeled toward my new job which is not quite journalism but still a pretty awesome job I feel blessed to have. And I did land a super amazing gig with Engagement 101 magazine and WeddingDresses.com that I am on cloud 9 about. Seriously, people. It’s a dream come true. Plus the money from that is paying for practically our entire honeymoon (which will be most likely in Canada just FYI).

But I haven’t been blogging on any of my blogs or even privately journaling– though every second of every day is seriously just one big narrative in my head that I can’t wait to write down. Sometimes I even write the blog, but never click publish, so there’s a backlog of thoughts. So then why don’t I? I convinced myself it was because I’m still “adjusting” to moving here away from all my friends, getting used to living with my parents again (although SUPER temporary), and juggling Addi’s and my completely conflicting schedules. It’s just been tough and I don’t like sounding like a negative Nelly, I guess. There are enough people being emo on blogs out there. I don’t need to be one too.

But I’m done adjusting. I need to do what I love and what I love to do is not sitting around waiting for life to start back up again. I need to write again, even if that means I say too much about whatever. At one point I was advised not to write about our wedding anymore online, but what fun is that? At another point we were thinking about eloping or having a very intimate ceremony with just us and our parents. Wedding planning is just confusing… so it probably would do me some good to write about it here rather than spontaneously combust over piles and piles of wedding magazines, vendor contracts and emails.

I’m going to be testing out another diet for SELF magazine again supposedly. Should start this week if it does happen. So that’s a good kick in the pants I need. Plus I’ve made a handful of friends here that I’m growing to love more and more everyday.

No more waiting. No more blahing. I’m too bubbly to chill out like a normal adult. I tried. It’s lame. I know I’m not in college anymore, but I’m still going to put myself out there so I can discover new things.

Would love suggestions if you have any. At the top of my list is becoming an Olympic ice curling champion, but that may take years to cultivate my greatness.


And life is complete. Italian weddings need good food. Hopefully you all won’t be disappointed. 😉

Long-distance is frustrating

As if dating long distance wasn’t hard enough, throw being engaged on top of that. It can be rocky. Found this music video this morning after a not-so-great night last night. It actually describes my thoughts on the whole situation (warning…song has cursing if you’re easily offended).

Our first dance

Not sure if I’ve posted this before. This is what we’re dancing to for our first dance. ❤

My dream wedding cake

So as some of you know, I’ve switched back to my original idea of cupcake centerpieces for every table. Go team, cupcake! But my mom is set on having a small two-tiered cake for the cutting ceremony and pictures.

Well, the lady Addison is convinced needs to make our cake just sent me a link to her website and her cakes are BEAUTIFUL (Addison and Hannah said her cakes are to die for, taste-wise).

I think I found my dream wedding cake (even if it will be a small one. It also gives me hope for how the cupcakes could look super cute!)


The return of the blogger!

Hey all, it’s been a while! A LOT has been happening and per request of my lovely parents, some of the wedding details will be kept secret (however if you ever want to meet up for coffee and just chat, I’ll totally share!)

But some details I CAN share so I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about starting a couple of DIY projects since there’s so much time before the wedding. I may be taking a little too much on, but after discover Efavormart.com and their affordable silk flowers, I feel really empowered to tackle some ideas I’ve had.

Plus I made a new crafty friend in the town I moved to who is full of ideas and willing to help. 🙂

I just placed an order for some silk flowers to see what the quality is like. But I’m super excited because if it’s good, this order alone will

have enough flowers for my Bridesmaid bouqets. I got 60 yellow lilies in 10 separate bundl


es for 20 bucks. Isn’t that crazy?

I also bought a cream colored rose garland to bring with me when I visit NC in October to test on my venue, just to see if I can do what I’m picturing. My plan is to add butterflies on the garland and use it to decorate the railings at the site.

48 feet of garland was even cheaper than the lilies and according to the math I’ve done, if I did the walkway myself with this plan, it would be significantly cheaper than the decorator offered to do it. I’m all for saving money.

Then my next big project is to make centerpieces that can hold cupcakes. My friend and mom came up with a great way to do it and if my sample goes well, I think we may actually go for it. So far for the centerpiece I’ve spent 6 dollars for 10!!!! Not 6 dollars a piece, but 6 dollars for 10! Crazy right? I still need to add flowers and maybe minor sprucing up, but even so, it’ll be super cheap to pull off.

But that’s a post for another day. Anywho, what do you guys think about DIY projects? Anyone else do them at their wedding?

Engagement photo shoot Part 2

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Engagement shoot Part 1

So my awesome friend and photographer, Kristin Kirk, offered to take our engagement photos for us. We did two settings for photos. The first one was really short and taken in the spot where he proposed. The one on the top right of the gallery is my favorite :-). For more photos and a sneak peek at engagement shoot #2, visit http://kkirkphotography.com/index2.php#/rgallery2/1/. We’re under Miller Engagement. Once I get copies of those and the rest, I’ll post them here too! ❤


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