Trying to focus

Instead of being frustrated with what I’ve recently discovered and have coined “wedding politics,” I’m going to try to renew my love for weddings which has died in a terrible fiery death of frustration. However, my mom thinks my idea will make me even more frustrated. I think I may try to do homemade favors– sugar cookie butterflies to be exact. You see…I love baking. Every Christmas I make reindeer sugar cookies from scratch and while it can sometimes take forever, I really do enjoy just baking and treating it like an art project from kindergarten. Plus I read that you can freeze sugar cookies up to 3+ months and have them still taste fresh. I’m going to see if I can make a cute enough butterfly (maybe monogrammed) while making Christmas cookies this year and if I succeed…maybe come March I’ll make my own favors?

We’ll see. I just thought maybe doing something cute for my wedding is better than hitting my head against the desk as I fill out stupid contracts and still put off finalizing my guest list.


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