Trying to focus

Instead of being frustrated with what I’ve recently discovered and have coined “wedding politics,” I’m going to try to renew my love for weddings which has died in a terrible fiery death of frustration. However, my mom thinks my idea will make me even more frustrated. I think I may try to do homemade favors– sugar cookie butterflies to be exact. You see…I love baking. Every Christmas I make reindeer sugar cookies from scratch and while it can sometimes take forever, I really do enjoy just baking and treating it like an art project from kindergarten. Plus I read that you can freeze sugar cookies up to 3+ months and have them still taste fresh. I’m going to see if I can make a cute enough butterfly (maybe monogrammed) while making Christmas cookies this year and if I succeed…maybe come March I’ll make my own favors?

We’ll see. I just thought maybe doing something cute for my wedding is better than hitting my head against the desk as I fill out stupid contracts and still put off finalizing my guest list.

On a happier note…

This is what I’ll be walking down the aisle to. Looking for someone who can play the guitar for it live, but I’ll settle for this guy’s version of it via itunes. It’s beautiful and listening to it makes me imagine the day I’ll finally walk down those steps toward Addison all decked out in white (YES white). I wonder what it will be like during that moment. I wonder if Addison’s face will be whiter than my dress or if he’ll just be beaming. Or if he’ll just be thinking about the after party. (HA). I guess I’ll just have to wait and see…

The IT guy at work is my hero

Not only did my awesome IT guy create a countdown to the SECOND I say “I DO,” but he taught me about the magic of QR codes. Now I’m thinking about making some inserts for my Save the Dates using these cool little things. Here’s the first one he made me. He taught me how to do the rest so I can have it where when a phone scans it, it updates your calendar with our event. SO COOL. Thanks, Jerome!


Unsolicited advice

Don’t take this the wrong way. I love unsolicited advice. Most days. It makes me feel special in a way like… you care so much that you just have to tell me some random thing that you think will benefit my life in some way. Seriously. Thanks. I appreciate the thoughtfulness. I don’t mean that to sound sarcastic. I think it’s sweet.

But just so you can understand my twilight zone life, I’ve compiled a list of the most common pieces of advice I’ve gotten over the past two months or so by people who are super duper thrilled about our engagement.

  • Elope
  • Don’t elope
  • Have sex soon so your wedding night doesn’t suck
  • DO NOT HAVE SEX before you wedding
  • Are you on birth control? Get on it asap so you don’t get super fat before the wedding
  • Whatever you do, don’t take birth control! The rhythm method is fine
  • Whatever you do, DO NOT do the rhythm method. My friend just got pregnant
  • You better not get pregnant on your honeymoon
  • You guys should try to get pregnant on your honeymoon
Welp, I’m not confused at all. But seriously, does anyone have any advice on the cake or something? Cake is awesome. And not awkward. And not unsolicited now since I’m asking. Thanks!
(I’m serious about the cake thing. So lost on flavors. It took Addison a month to decide what flavor and filling we wanted to try at our baker’s tasting. P.S. We totally got the baker who does the cake in the picture posted in an earlier post. We’re getting that same cake (just smaller) plus cupcakes! WHOOOO!)


And life is complete. Italian weddings need good food. Hopefully you all won’t be disappointed. 😉

Our first dance

Not sure if I’ve posted this before. This is what we’re dancing to for our first dance. ❤

My dream wedding cake

So as some of you know, I’ve switched back to my original idea of cupcake centerpieces for every table. Go team, cupcake! But my mom is set on having a small two-tiered cake for the cutting ceremony and pictures.

Well, the lady Addison is convinced needs to make our cake just sent me a link to her website and her cakes are BEAUTIFUL (Addison and Hannah said her cakes are to die for, taste-wise).

I think I found my dream wedding cake (even if it will be a small one. It also gives me hope for how the cupcakes could look super cute!)


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