A modest proposal

So, in her email to me, Lindsay made the comment that it would be nice if Simon G. Jewelry gave us all rings, maybe not $10,000 rings. But wouldn’t it be great publicity for them?

I agree, but I don’t know if Simon G. would actually do that. People keep asking me if there are 2nd place and 3rd place prizes. The truth is, I don’t really know. The information about the competition is pretty vague, so I honestly don’t think there are any runner-up prizes.

After I told Addison about Lindsay’s email, he made the comment, “Then why doesn’t whoever win just split the $5K gift card between the losing two couples, that way they can each buy themselves at $2,500 ring.”

Sweet, idea. But I didn’t think anything of it.

But then I got an email from Stephen from the 3rd place couple. Stephen is actually the only person in this competition that I’ve emailed first. I emailed him before I got the email from Lindsay, wishing him luck and how I loved that our stories were similar (poor college kids need to stick together!). Without me saying Addison’s idea, he said that him and Katie had planned on splitting the $5K with the other couples who lost too if they had won.

You know, after all this stress and aggravation all three couples have gone through, don’t we all deserve a ring? I guess it’s easier to say that when you don’t have a 1500 vote lead, but I think it’s a legit idea nonetheless.

Besides, who needs $5K to plan the perfect proposal? I’d be perfectly content if Addison whipped out the ring when we were at a place that meant something to us.

So I’m throwing it out there to the world. Why don’t the three couples end the war and make it so we all win? Thoughts? Ideas? Email me: nikkiroberti@gmail.com

And don’t forget to vote for us! Addison and I really appreciate your support.

My addiction to couple costumes



Addison and I have done  a couple costume ever since we started dating. First, I threw it together really quick and he put up with me. The next year he decided that it was his turn to pick so I spent two weeks sewing his dream costumes.

This year was my turn, but unfortunately because life gets in the way, we had little time or money to make costumes as fabulous as the years prior. But we were happy nonetheless.

This year? We were Mrs. Pacman and one of those ghost thingy majigers.


Addison decided to have a cookie monster shirt instead of letting me paint the face on it. He thought it was close enough. Eh, some people kept asking him if he was cookie monster. Me? People thought I was pikachu…someone even thought I was Charlie Brown.

Definitely not as cool as our Zelda and Link costumes last year (that was his pick).

But you know what? It really doesn’t matter. We had fun. If you all do couple’s costumes, feel free to share!