The Contest

Back in October, I was trying to work on an advertising project for a media literacy class I was taking. I knew immediately I wanted to do a Simon G. Jewelry ad because I think their campaign is adorable and hilarious. When I went online to grab some pictures for my paper, I noticed the contest.

When I suggested it to Addi, I totally didn’t think he’d say “Yes” at all. I mean, I love him to death but the boy is shy. When he gave the green light, it blew my mind, but I didn’t question it. I was afraid he’d change his mind!

All we had to do was create a profile about “our story” and why we should win along with three pictures of ourselves. Thanks to my 900+ Facebook friends, we jumped in the lead fairly quickly and on Nov. 1st, we made it to the top 3!

It was a tough competition, and early on we were passed by another couple. By Thanksgiving they were over 3,000 votes ahead of us despite cool things happening like Nathan Fillion retweeting about us (best moment of our lives ever!). We even got votes from Firefly fans because we said we’d name one of our future babies after someone in the show (and we will!).

When it went to blind voting, I just didn’t know what to think. I honestly thought it was too late, so I packed up my candy and fliers and called it a day. I was happy with what the contest had done for us. I could live with not winning a $10,000 ring.

But then, by some miracle…. we actually won! I still don’t believe it. I don’t think Addison does either. But we feel so completely blessed to have had so many people support us and our relationship.


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