My mission to prove virgins are cool

If you know me personally, you know I’m a proud virgin who won’t shut up about it. And honestly, the reason why is because at 19 I realized the majority of my friends were no longer virgins. Some never planned on waiting until marriage like I had, but a handful had made the commitment and broke it. One friend even asked me to lie for her. At that moment, I realized I was alone in this decision and if I was going to move forward, I needed to know why I was doing it. Putting on a ring at church at age 13 cuz everyone else was doing it wasn’t going to cut it anymore. It was a defining moment for me and unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone really to talk to about it. Either people weren’t virgins or they were closet virgins too afraid to show themselves. And that’s why I talk about it. No one was there for me.

Anywho, I got a chance today to share some real pros to waiting until marriage on a larger scale today. Thanks to the popularity of the awkward viral TLC video of a couple kissing for the first time on their wedding day, I was asked by an editor (and super awesome friend) at to write my own virgin diary. Hopefully it’ll show that we’re not all super awkward individuals. I know some couples personally who waited until their wedding day or until their engagement for their first kiss. I’m happy to report they didn’t look like birds pecking at a carcass.

Though I must say to the TLC couple, while your pre-wedding butterfly kisses terrify me, way to go for sticking to your guns. I know how hard it is to be a virgin in a non-virgin society. I can’t imagine not kissing until my wedding day. I think my heart would explode or I’d choke on my own nerves. In fact, i’m so nervous about our ceremony, Addison and I actually have practiced how our first kiss should look. So I commend you for really committing yourselves to something you believe in.

If you want to check out my crazy advice, click here! I’m on the front page of the health section too. Happy happy day! Though…disclaimer…they embellished the foreplay tip. I’m too much of a prude to say out loud that we’re passionate. I think it could be taken the wrong way. Also they totally snuck a pun in there that I didn’t get the first time I read it. Guess that proves I’m still a little awkward in some respects. But hey, it works for us! Oh and shockingly enough, Addison totally approved of this column before it went out. That’s my man! He’s such a trooper.

Hopefully some people will be encouraged by it. But I also hope no negativity arises because of it. I’ll try my best to ignore it if there is.


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