The Buzz

Read about us in the media!

The Knot magazine
(coming soon)

The Knot online
Total Winners: The Simon G. Perfect Proposal Winners

Simong G. Jewelry Blog
Perfect Proposal Contest Winning Couple

MTN Channel 18 News
“Evening News”
Then click “MTN EVENING NEWS” then click the video that is “20101130.” We’re about 4 minutes in.

MTN online articles
“Free $10K ring? One local couple hopes so”

The Mountain Times
“Local couple vies for engagement ring”

Confessions of a Love Addict
“A Different Kind of Diamond”

Mezaak Secret Words
“Nikki and Addison Shameless Plug”

My News
“North Carolina sweethearts compete in nationwide engagement ring competition”

The Watauga Democrat
(copy coming soon)


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