Love is blind

There was a point where every guy I ever was interested in looked like Clark Kent/ Superman to me. One of my favorite episodes of “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” had Lois saying to Clark, “Every woman in love thinks her man looks like Superman.”

While I have found my Superman in Addison, I’ve realized he doesn’t quite look like Clark Kent (though he did dress up one Halloween for me).

Still, there have been days where I’m watching a movie or a television show and all of the sudden I’m like, “Hey! That looks like Addison!”

Of course most times, my friends just roll their eyes at me. Like the time I thought Addison looked like Hugh Jackman in Austrailia.

Or there was that time I decided he looked like my favorite journalist, Anderson Cooper. Yeah… no resemblance at all.

But right now? I’m totally convinced he looks like a young Richard Gere.

Come on…you know you see it!

Then again…when I was in New York for months and months, there was that moment I thought Addison looked like a lego character I was working with when assembling a toy for Parents magazine.

Hmm…maybe love is blind? But you gotta admit…that Lego guy is cute!

My addiction to couple costumes



Addison and I have done  a couple costume ever since we started dating. First, I threw it together really quick and he put up with me. The next year he decided that it was his turn to pick so I spent two weeks sewing his dream costumes.

This year was my turn, but unfortunately because life gets in the way, we had little time or money to make costumes as fabulous as the years prior. But we were happy nonetheless.

This year? We were Mrs. Pacman and one of those ghost thingy majigers.


Addison decided to have a cookie monster shirt instead of letting me paint the face on it. He thought it was close enough. Eh, some people kept asking him if he was cookie monster. Me? People thought I was pikachu…someone even thought I was Charlie Brown.

Definitely not as cool as our Zelda and Link costumes last year (that was his pick).

But you know what? It really doesn’t matter. We had fun. If you all do couple’s costumes, feel free to share!