Long distance music by soon-to-be famous classmate and his girl

I’m totally going to late night ramble for a moment before I get to the point. Bear through the exposition, please.

When I was in college there was a kid named Michael Alvarado. One day his manager walked into the school paper’s office, and asked for my editor because he wanted the band featured. She wasn’t there so people directed him to me. I took his card but I was like, “Geez…I hate covering music. Why do I have to cover a band?” I ended up LOVING writing the article  about this great band and despite being late to the interview (which I still feel terrible about), the band’s lead, Michael, wrote a glowing email about me to my editor. I got a promotion. It was fabulous. And the real kicker is I actually loved his music (I’m not much of a music person believe it or not. His stuff is really good though).

Then I was in a video class (while still working for the paper) and Michael agreed to let me do a documentary on the band and I agreed to also put it with the paper. Again, he wrote a glowing recommendation and guess what? I got promoted. Again.

So as you can tell, I have and always will have a soft spot in my heart for him and I know he’ll be famous. But now he has a super cool girlfriend who is just as talented as him. Like mind blowing. How do people like that get together? Hm?

Any who, I don’t know much about their personal stories but seeing as they both released singles about long distance relationships with each other featured in the music videos, I’m assuming they’ve went through the long distance thing too. It really captures it well and I LOVE the songs. Music videos are pretty adorable too.

Thought I’d share. And if you haven’t already, totally go buy Michael Alvarado’s EPs online. I swear the music is amazing.


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