A blast from the past…

So uploading that video of Addison yesterday got me looking at all my other long lost youtube videos that I had up. A lot of them are dorky, some were in the name of journalism and others were for class.

Well, I came across one video from my first Media Studies class that went through the basics of a lot of things– including how to shoot film. My first project was demonstrating various shots on a list and since I worked tons of hours in a pool hall, I figured why not kill two birds with one stone and do the project there? Addison, who is an AMAZING pool player, lovingly gave up an hour to help me film. Watching this lame video gave me the warm fuzzies. He looks like such a baby. We had just been dating barely a year at this time.

Yeah..I slip a not so nice word at the end there by accident. It was a long day.

But that pool hall brings back some memories. I really miss working there. Addison and I both met in a pool hall, one of our first dates were in a pool hall (he said he’d teach me to play pool. I asked him what would happen if he got all the shots in, running the table so I couldn’t play. He said that never happened. That day it did), and we found out we won the ring in that pool hall.

I wish we had taken some engagement pictures in there. It would only be fitting. I wanted to get married in the student union because it meant so much to us, especially since the solarium is breathtaking, but it didn’t work out that way. Oh well. I’m happy with our current wedding location.

And I’m happy with my current groom. Well…my only groom. I’ve gots me a good one, folks.


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