A great support system

Being far away from the one you love can sometimes make you forget some of the reasons you love them. It’s kinda like when you babysit someone’s kid for a week when their parents go out of town. The littler ones will sometimes call you mommy (freaky, I know). Maybe that’s an extreme example and I’m not saying that I forget why I love Addison. Of course I know why.

But today, I had a great refresher on one of the things Addison is AMAZING at being: he’s my biggest supporter in ANYTHING. I was looking at my FlipVideo camera today and noticed some old footage left over from when I blogged for HerCampus.com/SELF Magazine about the JumpStart Diet. Addison helped me film numerous times and sometimes he would just commandeer the camera to be cute. It would be a shame to leave this footage to be forgotten on some file somewhere, so I made it into a brief little movie of his cuter moments.

My favorite was when he ate my healthy food with me while my brother and Shortsleeve ate pizza in front of us. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

But dang, may I say that watching these videos made me realize how much 15 lbs makes a difference? Geez. I’m happy to say I’ve kept off the weight from that blogging experience. Gonna lose more. But geez.

Anywho, Addison was such a great support during the whole thing (even though he did eat burgers in front of me. I guess he can’t be 100% perfect. Just 99.9% will do).

I hope I can be just as much of a support to you, Addi. Here’s a lame montage of your sickenly cuteness.


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