Wow…friends are awesome

So apparently my discovery of the message board for the other team really spurred some hardcore campaigning from my friends!

The lovely Lindsay Tigar submitted Addison and my picture to a site I’ve never heard of (which Mom would hate the title, but I’m very appreciative lol) and the site actually posted the picture of us with our link to the contest! I couldn’t believe it!

Another friend of mine who is a professor at Appalachian  made voting extra credit for her class. That really touched my heart tremendously.

AND! The Mountain Times interviewed Addison and me last night for an article that will run next week about the competition. I’m sooo excited! I’ll have to send a copy home to the parents.

Yeah, we’re still behind, but I’m not losing heart. And I hope you don’t either. Please keep voting for us! We need your help! And I’ll bake you cookies if we win ;-).


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