I love the snow

I woke up to a beautiful blanket of flawless, white snow this morning. It was incredible. I’ve always loved the snow, and it really made me miss Addison (he’s out of town this weekend) because when it snows, we usually try to make time to act like little kids again.

My favorite memory was actually a day where we were going sledding, but I wasn’t in the best mood. He took me to what I like to call “our gazebo” which is on campus near one of the creeks that runs through the mountains. It was the first place we held hands (though he tricked me in order to do it lol).

And there we stood, underneath this beautiful white gazebo with snow falling all around us. It was absolutely gorgeous. Maybe it’s because I used to collect snow globes as a child, but to me, nothing was more magical than that scene.

Addison is a kneeler by nature, so while holding my hand, he got down on one knee….and I just laughed.

I knew he wasn’t proposing. I mean, there was no way. It was about a year into our relationship (if that) and I wasn’t too happy with him at the moment. So I just laughed at him. He realized what he was doing and laughed too.

It was the perfect moment. Just not the right time. But it still is one of those times I look back on fondly and just smile to myself.


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